Hanazono University Japanese Language Program for International Students

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Hanazono University Japanese Language Program for International Students has decided to stop the student recruitment for and after the Spring Semester 2021.


Khoa tiếng Nhật dành cho du học sinh(gọi tắt là Bekka) sẽ dừng tuyển sinh từ kỳ nhập học mùa xuân năm 2021.


Our program is designed for the overseas students who wish to proceed to a degree program at a Japanese university or to acquire Japanese language skills for future educational and career opportunities. Offering two options ― one year course starting in spring, and one and a half year course starting in fall, it aims at improving your Japanese language proficiency, as well as enhancing your deeper understanding of Japanese culture and allowing you to enjoy experiencing the Japanese spirit of Zen. Hanazono University, ideally located in the heart of Japan Kyoto, home to many cultural and historical landmarks, helps you to make your dreams come true.

Interested in learning Japanese language and experiencing Japanese culture? Now’s your chance to make that happen.


  • Those who wish to proceed to Hanazono University degree programs after our Japanese language program are eligible for a special admission option ― the successful candidates will be given priority in the admission process: they are exempted from submitting their Japanese language test scores. In addition, they are exempted from paying the entrance fee of 200,000 yen and from paying 300,000 yen for the second semester tuition.
  • We believe accommodation is a matter of great importance. Hanazono University offers on-and off-campus dormitories. They provide you with an opportunity to learn and study in a safe setting.
  • Taking the placement test, you will be put in the class that best suits your Japanese skills, so you can make steady improvements in your study. You can not only study Japanese language but also take classes needed to proceed to a university degree program and those specifically designed for The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU).
  • You can freely utilize the following facilities of the University like the undergraduate students:
  1. Library, housing more than 340,000 volumes
  2. Cafeteria, cozy and clean, meals available at reasonable price
  3. PC rooms
  4. Medical Center
  5. Free Wi-Fi on campus
  • Kyoto City provides international students with a variety of supports such as job assistance, subsidy for national health insurance, and lodging assistance. You can also freely ask the university staff for advice concerning your daily lives and studies, which will make your living a comfortable one.

Fees (JPY) :

1-year Course, starting in Spring

Enrollment Tuition Facility Management Total
100,000 480,000 120,000 700,000

1.5-year Course, starting in Fall

  Enrollment Tuition Facility
1st year 100,000 480,000 120,000 700,000
2nd year 240,000 60,000 300,000

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Hanazono University Japanese Language Program for International Students
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