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  2. University Retreat Session : Zen Meditation Retreat


University Retreat Session : Zen Meditation Retreat

As written in the first article of our university charter, the spirit behind the university’s establishment is “to positively cultivate the personalities of students and contribute to human civilization based on Buddhist ethics.”

Students here are taught to develop a “Buddha Mind,” or more specifically the mental and spiritual attitude to the world handed down to us by the Zen master Rinzai. Based on a solid grounding in the rich Rinzai Zen teachings, our students are encouraged to lead full, active lives. As the only university in the world founded on the spirit of Rinzai Zen we offer a uniquely well-rounded education, predicated on the dictum “seek thyself.” This means not just to learn about Western humanism and modern industrialized culture, but to be aware of the full creative and spiritual potential of the self. Such awareness should lead to a view of the world that radiates like the sun to encompass all living beings with understanding and compassion.

Individuals must strive through their own efforts to cultivate this mindfulness without the help of others.

The only way to achieve this state is to experience life fully and to pass through many difficulties. To help our students to master the art of mindfulness, every autumn we organize a two-day intensive Zen meditation retreat at a Kyoto Zen temple, known as the “University Retreat Session.”

Together with university president, staff and students sit together in one hall in zazen meditation to explore themselves.